Who We Are

More than 40 years ago, The Meadows was created to provide addiction treatment in Arizona’s lush Sonoran Desert. The program has grown and changed over the years to meet the demonstrated needs of patients, and it is now the flagship program alongside other highly specialized treatment programs in the Meadows Behavioral Healthcare family. Today, MBH is the leader in trauma, addiction, and co-occurring disorder treatment, and our expansive network of treatment alumni and their families are a testament to the work we do and our continued legacy of healing.

In 2020, Meadows Behavioral Healthcare established The Meadows Institute as a nonprofit foundation designed to support individuals, families, communities, and behavioral healthcare professionals. At its heart, it’s an opportunity to harness the expertise and leverage the stellar reputation of The Meadows to make an even bigger difference.

Our Initiatives

Behavioral Health Awareness Behavioral health is a global issue, and our communities are central to restoring wellbeing. Being a participant in the healing process increases our capacity to heal one another. That’s why we invest in awareness campaigns, educating communities on important issues that affect all of us. Topics range from the effects of early childhood relational trauma and the role of trauma in addiction to suicide prevention and reducing the negative stigma around substance abuse and mental health issues.

Continuing Education for Professionals – Behavioral health professionals help facilitate change.  They impact the lives of their clients and families by giving them the tools needed to develop strategies and skills for healing and recovery. The Meadows Senior Fellows can bring their expertise to working professionals in the form of continuing education that allows them to expand their knowledge and provide the best services possible. 

Research – Scientific research builds knowledge and informs action, and we need ongoing research to improve the effectiveness of addiction and trauma treatment. We know recovery is possible — we’ve seen it and lived it. Though strategic alliances we can advance cutting-edge research projects, resulting in findings that are crucial to future policy, practice, and education.

Each of these three initiatives operates separately but they all come together to support our overall vision of hope, help, and healing.





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Our Origins

The Meadows Institute began as the Bournewood Educational Foundation, established in July 1997 by the late Nasir A. Khan, MD. Dr. Khan served as chairman, CEO, and majority owner of Bournewood Health Systems, now part of Meadows Behavioral Health. The Bournewood Educational Foundation was an extension of Dr. Khan’s values as a compassionate and caring psychiatric physician with a deep commitment to science, medicine, awareness, and education. The Bournewood family is honored that Dr. Khan’s vision continues through The Meadows Institute.