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The Meadows Institute was established to…

give HOPE to those impacted by addiction, trauma, and mental health issues

provide practical HELP for individuals, communities, and professionals

champion HEALING so as many as possible can achieve sustainable, lasting recovery

Golf4recovery invitational

May 14, 2021 |The Phoenician Golf Club | Scottsdale, Arizona

Raising Funds to Support Frontline Healthcare
Workers Affected by COVID-19

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Committed to helping individuals, families, and communities achieve sustainable, lifelong recovery.


Lasting and Transformational Change in Recovery

Mother and child
Counseling group therapy


  • We believe all people are valuable, vulnerable and have inherent worth.
  • We believe recovery is possible and transformational.
  • We believe all people have the capacity to effect change in their lives.
  • We believe all people should have the safety and freedom to reach their potential.
  • We believe integrity in purpose and action is essential.